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Arrest Report on Hilton's Boyfriend Cy Waits Released | Crime

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Arrest Report on Hilton's Boyfriend Cy Waits Released

LAS VEGAS -- Cy Waits, the boyfriend of Paris Hilton, smelled of alcohol and wobbled during a sobriety test, according to the Impaired Driving Report done by Metro Police.

Waits was driving on the Las Vegas Strip with Hilton as his passenger when he was pulled over. According to the report, a police officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Read the Arrest Report on Cy Waits

Waits was given a sobriety test and failed on three of the eight clues of impairment. Police only need two or more failures to suspect DUI. Waits was arrested and later released on $2,000 bail and has a Nov. 29 court date. The report also states police found a "roach" or used marijuana cigarette in the vehicle.

Hilton was also arrested for cocaine possession after police say they found some cocaine in her purse.

Waits managed a club inside the Wynn Las Vegas. A statement from Wynn Resorts says, "Waits has been separated from the company and is free to pursue other interests." In addition, Hilton has been banned from all Wynn Properties.



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