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BUSTED! Underwear disguise is not enough to keep cops from apprehending would-be thief

OTIS ORCHARDS, Wash. (KLAS) — A would-be thief got quite the surprise as he was allegedly trying to break into a business in Otis Orchards, Washington.

Surveillance video captured the man clothed with underwear around his head and face, attempting to break the lock outside a cannabis store. And you can’t leave fingerprints at the scene of the crime, which probably explains the socks on the culprit’s hands.

Workers who were in the store at the time, say the suspect set off the alarm trying to enter the store. Six officers and a K-9 unit responded and quickly took the suspect into custody... Read More

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Colorado River better after wet winter, but projections not good

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Snow swamped mountains across the U.S. West last winter, leaving enough to thrill skiers into the summer, swelling rivers and streams when it melted, and largely making wildfire restrictions unnecessary. But the wet weather can be misleading.

Climate change means the region is still getting drier and hotter.

“It only demonstrates the wide swings we have to manage going forward,” James Eklund, former director of the Upper Colorado River Commission, an interstate agency that ensures river water is doled out properly, said earlier this year. “You can put an ice cube — even an excellent ice cube — in a cup of hot coffee, but eventually it’s going to disappear.”... Read More

No shortage of work for immigration attorneys in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s a busy time to be an immigration attorney.  They’re in high demand in the Las Vegas valley.

“The reason I became an immigration attorney is because I’m an immigrant myself,” said attorney Mary Chernysheva.

She is the chair of the immigration law practice group at Fennemore Craig law firm in Las Vegas and focused on immigration because she is from Russia.

“I know how anxious people get, because it’s their life, and they do need to be on top of it,” she said. Her goal is to help others live the American dream. While she can not discuss DACA or dreamers or any national administration politics with 8 News Now, she is one of the country’s foremost authorities on immigration.

“I’ve been extremely busy.”

She receives nearly 300 emails a day from current and potential clients and schedules about eight consultations in her office daily... Read More

Woman arrested for dumping 3-day-old puppies in Coachella dumpster sentenced to year in jail

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — If the name Deborah Sue Culwell sounds familiar, it’s because earlier this year she went viral for alleged animal cruelty. Riverside County, California Police say the 54-year-old woman was arrested in April for dumping 3-day-old puppies into a dumpster at Coachella.

The entire act was caught on surveillance video.

On Wednesday, after she pleaded guilty to all of the counts of animal cruelty, a judge sentenced her to 365 days in county jail. Ninety of those days will be under a work-release program, and once she’s released, she will be on probation for 7-years. During that time, she is not allowed to own any animals, the judge said.

For more on the story, go here... Read More

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Dale Earnhardt Jr., wife survive small plane crash in Tennessee

ELIZABETHTON, Tennessee — A small plane carrying Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife crashed Thursday, fire officials told local media.

An unknown number of passengers and crew on the plane were all OK following the crash.

I can confirm Dale, Amy & Isla along with his two pilots were involved in a crash in Bristol TN this afternoon. Everyone is safe and has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. We have no further information at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

— Kelley Earnhardt (@EarnhardtKelley) August 15, 2019


Retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. was taken to the Johnson City Medical Center for minor injuries according to Carter County Sheriff Dexter Lunceford.

Earnhardt’s injuries were described as just cuts and abrasions... Read More

Fear of mass shootings affects decisions for a third of US adults

WASHINGTON — A large majority of adults in the United States are stressed by mass shootings, and a third of U.S. adults say that fear of mass shootings stops them from going to certain places and events, according to a new survey on stress and mass shootings by the American Psychological Association.

“It’s clear that mass shootings are taking a toll on our mental health, and we should be particularly concerned that they are affecting the way many of us are living our daily lives,” said Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD, APA’s chief executive officer. “The more these events happen in places where people can see themselves frequenting, the greater the mental health impact will be. We don’t have to experience these events directly for them to affect us. Simply hearing about them can have an emotional impact, and this can have negative repercussions for our mental and physical health.”... Read More

Measles exposure possible after Las Vegas visitor’s case confirmed

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas visitor with a confirmed case of measles may have exposed others in parts of Mandalay Bay and the Luxor. The Southern Nevada Health District is warning people of the possible exposure to the highly contagious illness.

If you were at one of the following locations, the district advises reviewing your immunization status and contacting your doctor if you have not already had the measles:... Read More