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Second Victim Dead in Crash That Killed CHP Officer

LAS VEGAS - A University Medical Center representative confirms the second victim from a crash that killed a California Highway Patrol officer is dead. Felix Cruz died Monday evening.

Cruz, 31, was in Las Vegas with CHP officer Jesus Magdaleno Jr. to celebrate Magdaleno's upcoming wedding. The two, who are family members, were packing up their pickup truck in the Flamingo Hotel valet area when the alleged carjacking happened.

Cruz was in the back of a pickup truck when suspect James Montgomery, 29, jumped into the driver's seat to steal the vehicle, Metro Police said. Magdaleno chased the truck and eventually jumped into the bed.

Police said Montgomery was speeding and ran red lights before crashing near Flamingo Road and Valley View Boulevard. Both men were ejected.

Jesus Magdaleno Jr., 33, died at the scene. Cruz was transported to the hospital with critical injuries.

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California Patrol Officer Killed in Alleged Carjacking Crash

LAS VEGAS -- A California Highway Patrol officer was killed and another man suffered critical injuries Sunday after a carjacking in a hotel valet area ended in a crash, Metro Police said.

Officer Jesus Magdaleno Jr., 33, and Felix Cruz, were in Las Vegas with family and friends for Magdaleno's bachelor party. He was supposed to get married next month. The two men were preparing to head home to California.

As the two men were loading the back of their pick up truck in the valet area of the Flamingo Hotel, a man identified as James Montgomery, 29, jumped into the driver's seat.

According to the arrest report, Cruz, who was in the truck bed, called for help as Montgomery began driving away. Witnesses told police, Magdaleno chased after the truck on foot and identified himself as a police officer. He was eventually able to jump into the bed of the truck.

Details in Shooting Involving Police Officer Released

Saul Villegas

LAS VEGAS --  An off-duty Metro Police officer's wife first approached the man who ended up being shot by her husband in the Excalibur parking lot.

According to the arrest report, officer Bernard Plaskett, his wife and teenage son got out of their SUV to greet family members. Plaskett's wife, Patience, saw a man, who was later identified as Saul Villegas, get into their vehicle. Plaskett's wife told police, she ordered the man to get out of the car three times, but he refused and even tried to get her to get into the vehicle. She said, the man was reaching toward the center console and she thought he might be going for a gun so she called for her husband.

Plaskett also ordered the man to get out of the vehicle. Plaskett identified himself as an officer and retrieved his own gun from the vehicle, but Villegas didn't comply, the report said. 

New Teachers Undergo Orientation at the Venetian

LAS VEGAS - The Clark County School District is welcoming 1,700 new teachers this fall. The new instructors are undergoing orientation at the Venetian this week.

The orientation is crucial for teachers new to Las Vegas. They will learn about the culture of the Clark County School District, the vision of Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky and the dynamics of our city.

Colin Snyder is one of the new instructors, although he is not new to Las Vegas. He graduated from Cheyenne High School five years ago, enrolled at the University of Nevada Reno and is returning to Cheyenne High School, where he will teach ninth grade English.

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Driving You Crazy: Mandalay Bay Garage Traffic Control

LAS VEGAS - A viewer asks why police officers are directing traffic daily behind the Mandalay Bay garage.

Many drivers say the traffic control efforts are causing delays of 45 minutes or longer, especially in the afternoon. They say this makes no sense and creates gridlock before drivers begin their commutes home.

While this may seem to be counterproductive, police officers are directing traffic on Frank Sinatra Drive because of the high volume of cars coming out of the Mandalay Bay garage.

Clark County engineers say a traffic signal at the garage exit is under design. The goal would be to regulate this parking garage gridlock.

Since Mandalay Bay's parking garage exit sits on private property, Mandalay Bay is responsible for the traffic signal study. That study is complete, and it revealed a signal is warranted.

Man Shot by Off-Duty Officer Charged with Attempted Auto Theft

LAS VEGAS -- The man shot by an off-duty Metro Police officer is being charged with one count of attempted grand larceny auto.

Saul Villegas, 27 of Bellflower, California was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. 

According to police, Villegas was trying to steal Detective Bernard Plaskett's car which was parked outside the Excalibur Hotel and Casino Sunday night.

Plaskett said he was unloading packages from his car when Villegas got into it. Plaskett told the man to get out of the car, but he didn't. When the suspect reached down below his waist, Plaskett shot him, hitting him in the wrist.  

Plaskett has been with Metro since 1992. He is on routine paid administrative leave while the incident is reviewed. He is currently assigned to Metro's Gang Crimes Bureau.

Villegas has no prior criminal history with Metro Police.

Mental State of Accused Vegas Stabber Questioned

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A defense attorney says the mental state of a man accused of stabbing four people on a sidewalk near the Las Vegas Strip will be investigated before his next court appearance.

Assistant Clark County Public Defender Daren Richards said Wednesday that a judge will be asked to have doctors determine if 53-year-old Lee Sanford was sane at the time of the alleged attack, and if he's competent to face charges.

Sanford is being held at the Clark County jail pending an Aug. 27 preliminary hearing.

Police say Sanford told detectives he thought white people kept bothering him. Sanford is black.

Investigators found no prior connection between Sanford and the wounded people -- including a 56-year-old woman, a 25-year-old man, a 15-year-old boy and a 20-year-old newlywed from Salt Lake City.