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I-Team: Cold Case Leaves Brother Looking for Answers

A $20 bag of marijuana led to the murder of a 19-year old Las Vegas man four years ago. Detectives working this cold case are hoping for new tidbits of information that might lead to an arrest.

From everything the 8 News Now I-Team has learned, Derek Coleman was a good guy, not a criminal type at all, but he made a bad decision back in July 2005 when he agreed to help a stranger score a bag of weed. Police think that stranger is still here, on the streets of Las Vegas and if he murdered Coleman for something like this, chances are he might kill again.

"A senseless murder of a good kid, a father, a son, a brother, you know, my best friend," said James Coleman, who talks about his brother and best friend. Coleman was a gregarious 19-year-old who loved basketball, spending time with his family, and his girlfriend Tabitha.

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MGM CityCenter Unveiled with 'Sneak Peak'

LAS VEGAS -- From I-15, you can see just how big CityCenter is. But when you are standing right next to the buildings, the only word to describe it is enormous.

MGM Mirage officials didn't allow cameras inside of the buildings, but 8 News Now Reporter Melissa Duran was taken inside the Aria resort. It's definitely a luxury resort with a modern feel.

MGM Mirage officials say they're right on track to open. “There's a lot of cleaning that has to be done -- construction. You build things that are new and fresh but usually there is a little dust left behind, so there's cleaning, some final landscaping both inside and outside. So we are down to the things that we ought to be down to at this point. It's going to be very exciting,” said Alan Feldman with MGM Mirage.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures of MGM CityCenter

Cracking Down on Smut Peddlers?

LAS VEGAS, Nv -- When large groups of people crowd into a small area, you will find advertisers pushing their products. In Las Vegas, sometimes that means selling sex. Freedom of speech protects these peddlers, allowing them to stand on the public sidewalk handing out cards promoting an escort or exotic dancer to your room.

Harrah's Senior Vice President and former Las Vegas Mayor Jan Jones says the tactics have become more than just handing out cards. “There could be 40 to 50 distributors of this literature standing in the middle of the sidewalk, from my point of view, harassing our visitors,” she said.

The hotels have wanted them off the sidewalks for more than a decade. The American Civil Liberties Union says anyone has the right to be on the sidewalk and the peddlers are exercising their freedom of speech. Repeated court decisions over the past 10 years back that up.

Casinos Expected to be Slow to Rebound

U.S. commercial casinos took in $7.94 billion in revenue during the third quarter, 5.5-percent less than a year earlier, the head of the American Gaming Association said Tuesday.

Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., president and CEO of the industry group, said that while economists believe the country is moving beyond one of the worst recessions in history, that's not a practical reality for many casinos or their customers.

"Main Street is still feeling the heart, in fact, of the economic downturn," Fahrenkopf said. "The same has to be said very clearly for the gaming industry.

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Putting the Brakes on the Stripper Mobile

The Stripper Mobile, which rolled down the Las Vegas Strip with live dancers in a see-through box, has run into a roadblock. The flashy ad gimmick may have backfired with Clark County leaders calling it a serious safety hazard and bringing it to a halt.

It appears the truck mobile has been grounded for good. After less than a month on the road, the peep show on wheels won't be hitting the Strip tonight.

And whether it turns you on or turns you off, one thing's for sure -- everyone on the Strip has an opinion about this latest version of the mobile billboard.

“It's good clean fun and our tourists are just enjoying it, taking pictures in front of it and sending them back home to say, ‘Hey, this is what's going on in Las Vegas,” said Andrea Brown with Deja Vu Love Boutique. “It's been very effective. It's brought more business into our clubs and our retail stores.”

County Commission Takes on Stripper Mobile

The controversial "Stripper Mobile" is gone from the Las Vegas Strip, but Clark County Commissioners want to make sure there's never another one like it.

Even though the owners of Li'l Darlings and Deja Vu gentleman's clubs have halted the mobile form of advertising, County Commissioner Steve Sisolak says finally having a defined law on the books, will close loopholes for any future copycats.

Commissioners say the biggest concern of all was the safety of the dancers as well as drivers and pedestrians.

Commissioners voted to change the code to say that “live entertainment” is not allowed while driving down the Strip. They also believed the "Stripper Mobile" should have been cited because they considered the girls animated.

Nevada Regulators Recommend Casino License for Aria

The head of MGM Mirage says CityCenter will be the catalyst that turns the Las Vegas economy around. He made the statement after the Nevada Gaming Control Board approved a gaming license for Aria, a 4,000-room hotel-casino at the heart of the project.

CityCenter is a 50-50 partnership between MGM Mirage and Dubai World. That means representatives from both sides had to face gaming regulators Friday.

Jim Murren now runs MGM Mirage. He says CityCenter’s opening boils down to one thing. “Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. This is the biggest job creator in the country, right now -- 12,000 jobs in one shot,” he said.

Nine thousand job offers have been extended. So far, 95-percent of those people accepted. All of them are banking on the Gaming Control Board's approval of a non-restricted gaming license for Aria Hotel and Casino, the central focal point of CityCenter.