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Cyber Safe Parent: Keeping your address, other information private online

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Can you keep your private information truly private in today's cyberworld?

More and more of our personal information is easily available online.

"With all of the modern technology that's out there, and various websites that are out there, it really does become a lot more tricky to safeguard your personal information as far as home address and things like that," said Lieutenant Allen Larsen with Las Vegas Metro police.

The leaked Supreme Court draft opinion detailing a decision that indicated the court intends to overturn Roe v. Wade pushed protesters to take to the streets outside the private homes of Supreme Court justices.

Try to see if your address is trackable online by searching for yourself.

"Type in your name and Google 'home address'," said Lt. Larsen.

So what can you do as a homeowner to keep your information private?... Read More

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FBI, Metro announce $20K reward for murder, robbery suspects

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The FBI and Metro police announced they are looking for two suspects in a robbery and shooting that left a Las Vegas woman dead.

The wanted suspects are Christine Schultz and Michael Overton.

According to Las Vegas Metro police Lt. Ray Spencer, Natalie Manduley, 24, was killed on March 25, 2022, during a violent targeted home robbery.

"We have determined Christine Schultz had set up the robbery," he said. "She had went over to the house, made a phone call while she was there and that's what caused the other males to come to the house."

Spencer said Schultz knew Manduley.

"We believe the motive was that the boyfriend had expensive jewelry in the house," Spencer said... Read More

Got a parking ticket? You can pay with school supply donation in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- The City of Las Vegas is launching a program that will allow anyone to pay parking fines with school supply donations.

Any driver issued a non-public safety parking ticket in Las Vegas from May 23 to June 23 will be able to resolve the ticket by providing school supplies of equal or greater value than the ticket fine.

Any supplies taken in by the city through the program will be donated to the Public Education Foundation's Teacher Exchange.

Some school supply items being accepted include:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Erasers
  • Dry erase markers
  • Index cards
  • Paper towels
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Card stock
  • Copy paper
  • Storage bins
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Post-it notes

Public safety and handicap-related parking tickets are excluded... Read More

Las Vegas police ask for help in identifying 4 organized theft suspects

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Metro police are asking for the public's help in identifying four people accused of participating in retail theft across the valley.

According to police, on multiple dates, the suspects entered retail stores at several locations and grabbed large amounts of merchandise before running out of the stores through the emergency exits... Read More

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A warm & quiet Wednesday

Sunshine galore and light winds for our Wednesday, but the extra-warm temps are still with us as afternoon temps will reach the upper 90s again today. Gusty southwest winds return tomorrow and Friday as a cool Pacific storm moves into the northwest with rain and some snow that will stay well north of us. And the stronger warm winds will boost temps tomorrow and elevate fire weather danger. But Sherry's most accurate #WeatherNOW forecast has a dip in the heat before the weekend... Read More

Just graduated from college! What's next?

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Graduating can be a very stressful time in a young adult's life. What’s the next step, after getting that degree?

There are resources in the valley that can help. There is a platform for UNLV, Nevada State, or CSN graduates and alum called Handshake. It connects people to opportunities, jobs, and networking events.

Other resources around the valley include the Nevada Job Career Connection Center on Maryland Parkway and there is the One-Stop on Charleston Boulevard. CSN also has a workforce development center.

"At Workforce, we focus on trade classes and certificate programs. If you work in the trades, they make good money. People need electricians and plumbers. There are so many careers out there, students must take the time to explore," said R. Candace Morris, CSN career services... Read More

'Goose busters' installed at Las Vegas park to deter nearby geese

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) -- Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs is described as an escape from the typical Las Vegas atmosphere with its scenic views and array of different wildlife.

Recently, the City of Las Vegas installed devices known as "Goose Busters" in the trees at the park to deter geese from hanging around the more populated areas of the park.

Geese flock around Floyd Lamb Park (KLAS)

According to the city, the hope of this device is that it will safely direct these animals from the grassy areas of the park to the pond.

Limiting the number of geese around the picnic areas, thus decreasing the number of droppings people encounter, and "lowering exposure to zoonotic diseases."

However, locals who spoke with 8 News Now, feel that this deterrent will do more harm than good.
... Read More