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Legionnaires' Disease Bacteria Discovered at Aria

LAS VEGAS -- Letters are going out to 18,000 people who stayed at Aria at CityCenter last month, warning them about possible exposure to a bacterium called Legionella, which can lead to Legionnaires' disease.

The hotel says its water supply had high levels of the bacteria between June 21st and July 4th and wants guests to know in case they start feeling sick.

Vegastripping.com has posted a letter a guest received from the hotel. MGM has also set up a website with information.

So far, no one who stayed at the hotel during that time frame has reported being sick. But, six people who stayed at Aria between December 2009 and April 2011 contracted Legionnaires' disease by inhaling the bacteria from the hotel's water.

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Conflicting Reports on Harmon Tower's Stability

LAS VEGAS -- New pictures from inside the troubled Harmon tower are the main exhibit in the case against the construction company behind the troubled tower.

The CityCenter condo tower could collapse in an earthquake, according to an engineering report done by a California company for MGM Resorts International.

Clark County Commission Chairwoman Susan Brager wants to know how many other high-rise projects were signed off by building inspectors which may have issues. The Harmon tower controversy could be the beginning of a wider investigation.

Longoria's Vegas Nightclub Closes Amid Money Woes

LAS VEGAS  -- A Las Vegas nightclub owned by "Desperate Housewives" co-star Eva Longoria is temporary closing its doors amid financial troubles.

Longoria's Beso club within the CityCenter complex on the Las Vegas Strip closed Monday to save money. Beso LLC bankruptcy attorney Lenard Schwartzer said Wednesday that the restaurant attached to the club will remain open because it is profitable.

He says the nightclub could eventually be renovated and reopened. Beso LLC filed in January for bankruptcy to remain operating while reorganizing nearly $5.7 million in debt. The federal Chapter 11 filing claimed the nightspot was losing more than $76,000 per month.

Longoria owns nearly one-third of the business but is also listed as an unsecured creditor.

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Clark County Gives MGM Deadline on Harmon Tower

LAS VEGAS -- A new report released by Clark County claims CityCenter's Harmon tower is in danger of collapse during an earthquake. The Perini construction company is fighting back, calling the report incomplete.

In a statement released to 8 News NOW, Perini officials write, "MGM does not want the Harmon to be repaired because the Harmon is worth more dead than alive to MGM.  Otherwise, MGM would allow Perini to repair it."

Late Tuesday afternoon, Clark County issued a letter stating MGM Resorts International must submit a "plan of action that will abate the potential for structural collapse and protect" neighboring buildings. They must also provide documents substantiating the report's conclusion on Harmon tower by 5 p.m. August 15, 2011.

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Girl Scouts Depart for 19-Day Journey to India

Girl Scouts Depart for 19-Day Journey to India

What will you do this summer? Seventeen Girl Scouts departed July 6 for a 19-day journey to India. Before taking off on their international adventure, the girls participated in some local Las Vegas fun with Comedy Magician Mac King and Sumita Beauty.

On Tuesday, July 5, the girls enjoyed some laughter and magic at the Mac King Comedy-Magic Show at Harrah's Las Vegas. King is partnering with the Girl Scouts to help spread his literacy initiative, Mac King’s Magical Literacy Tour, overseas. During their visit, King presented the girls with plaid suitcases full of books.  On behalf of Mac King’s Magical Literacy Tour, the girls will distribute the books to children in India during their journey and spread the love of reading overseas.

Defects Endanger Harmon's Earthquake Readiness, Report Finds

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas sits on one of the country's most active fault lines. Now, a new report says if an earthquake strikes, the Harmon Hotel at CityCenter could come crashing down.

The planned 46-story building never made it past 27 levels, and the Harmon never opened. MGM Resorts International blames construction defects for the sudden stop in progress.

A report released this week reveals more flaws with the building.

"It seems like somewhere there was a problem, and something didn't get implemented properly," said UNLV Civil Engineering Associate Professor Aly Said. "Accordingly, you ended up with a structure that has some issues in it."

An inspection ordered by Clark County found the tower could completely collapse in the event of an earthquake.

Said says it would take at least a magnitude six earthquake for the Harmon to come crashing down.

Bail for Man in Strip Murder, Arrest Report Released

LAS VEGAS -- Bail was set $25,000 Tuesday for a Florida man charged with murder. He's accused of being involved in a fight that turned deadly on the Las Vegas Strip.

Read the Benjamin Harris' arrest report

The wife of Benjamin Hawkins says he was acting in self defense when he threw a punch that killed John Massie, a tourist a Utah man.

Hawkins and Massie exchanged words during a confrontation at O'Sheas last Wednesday. Hawkins claims he was protecting himself.