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Process Server Linked to Second Murder Case

LAS VEGAS -- A process server who was arrested in the murder and attempted murder of a Las Vegas couple is now facing more charges.

Police say Gregory Hover will be charged with the kidnapping and murder of  21-year-old Prisma Contreras. Her burned body was found in her Jeep in a desert area near U.S. 95 and the Nelson Landing Road south of Boulder City on Jan. 15th. Contreras had been reported missing the day before. She was a waitress at Hooters Hotel and Casino.

Richard Freeman, who police say is an accomplice, is also facing charges.

Captain Randy Montandan with Metro said that these two men abducted Contreras from her from her place of employment, kept her for a substantial period of time, and subjected her to horrific events before strangling and stabbing her to death.

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I-Team: Monorail Accused of Shady Dealings in Court

LAS VEGAS -- Shady dealings have been alleged at the Las Vegas Monorail. Now it's all coming out in court.

The people who invested $400 million in the Monorail say the company has been moving money around behind their backs.

The Monorail has always played a shell game. Is it a private company or a public entity? It bounces back and forth between the two, whichever is most convenient at the moment. Now, that is coming back to haunt the troubled train.

Lawyers for the bondholders say the Monorail has been diverting money into a secret account and that it filed for bankruptcy right after it got caught.

Wells Fargo is the trustee for the bonds holder's lien, so the revenue from the Monorail is supposed to stay in a Wells Fargo account so it can be used to pay the bills.

Instead, debtees say monorail CEO Curtis Myles and the Monorail Board of Directors diverted money to a separate account at Bank of America.

President Obama Arrives in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS -- President Barack Obama arrived in Southern Nevada at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

The visit is his second since becoming president last year and his first since making controversial comments about Las Vegas at a New Hampshire rally. "You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college," the president said at the time.

When President Obama arrived in Las Vegas Thursday evening, he received a warm welcome from state and national leaders including U.S. Reps. Dina Titus and Shelley Berkley. Notably absent was Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, who criticized the president's Las Vegas comments. Goodman wanted a meeting with the president and an apology. So far, he has received neither.

Las Vegas Airport Considers Opening Liquor Store

LAS VEGAS -- McCarran International Airport officials say putting a liquor store in the baggage claim area could be a moneymaker.

Clark County commissioners have voted to let the airport put out a request for proposals for a liquor store.

The airport has several bars and restaurants that serve alcohol but this plan would call for opening a independent liquor store in the baggage claim area for people who want to buy alcohol.

"We're always looking to get a six-pack before we get to our hotel room because everything is so expensive," said kathy Fournier, airport traveler.

"For myself, it wouldn't appeal to me. I'd get my bags and go to the hotel if I wanted to drink," said Keith Avery, a traveler opposed to the idea.

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I-Team: Taxicab Long Hauling Continues, Despite Promised Reforms

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas visitors and locals alike are being long hauled -- taken the long way by cab drivers. The practice is illegal, but happens every hour of every day, right under the noses of the state officers who are supposed to protect the public.

The Nevada Taxicab authority told 8 News Now last summer that long hauling is its number one enforcement priority. But the Channel 8 I-Team went undercover and found plenty of evidence that it is as common as ever.

"Are we going the long way? The highway, right?"

The driver didn't ask if Photojournalist Matt Adams wanted to take the more expensive route. He headed right for the tunnel -- a textbook case of long hauling. When confronted about it, he tried to cut a deal.

"I forgot to ask. Whatever you want, you can pay me," he said.

And Producer Ian Russell got the same treatment. No ask, no tell, just tunnel and freeway.

Nevada Gaming Revenues Suffer Biggest Percentage Drop

CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Nevada casino revenues plunged 10.4 percent in the 2009 calendar year, when casinos reported a total gambling win of $10.4 billion.

A report by the Nevada Gaming Control Board released Thursday shows last year's steep decline followed a 9.7 percent drop in 2008.

For December, casinos statewide reported a win of $859.3 million, down 3.2 percent from the same month a year ago. The state collected $33.4 million in taxes, down 6.7 percent.

Taxes paid by casinos make up about a third of the state's general fund. Nevada's gambling industry has been especially hard hit in the recession as tourists and residents keep a tighter hold on discretionary spending that historically fueled the state's economy.

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Man With an Ax Kills Child, Critically Injures 2 Females

LAS VEGAS -- A Downtown Las Vegas neighborhood is in shock after a women was attacked in the middle of the street.

Police arrested 33-year-old Harold Montague for allegedly attacking two adults and killing 4-month-old Damian Avila Castro near Sahara and Maryland Pkwy. Police believe the attack may have been random.

Officers say a woman was pushing a her baby in a stroller on San Pedro Avenue when Montague came out of a house with an ax and started attacking her.

A neighbor named Teresa watched Montague kill the infant and bludgeon the child's mother with the ax.

Read Harold Montague's arrest report