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Las Vegas stadium backers down to 2 top sites for Raiders

Proponents of an NFL stadium in Las Vegas say they've narrowed their list to two potential sites and are unwilling to accept any less than $750 million in public funding toward the project, which they hope will provide a new home for the Raiders.

Representatives from Majestic Realty and the Las Vegas Sands casino company updated an oversight committee Thursday on their effort to reach a deal to lure the Raiders from Oakland. Unlike previous meetings, this one had a sense of urgency.

They want Nevada lawmakers to approve the deal in a special session in September so they can present their proposal to NFL owners in January. Three-quarters of the owners must approve any team relocation. the pressure is on.

The two top potential stadium sites are the Bali Hai Golf course and Russell Road.

A video was played during the meeting showing off fancy renderings of what could be the new home of the Raiders franchise.

The cost for the stadium is $1.9 billion... Read More

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Fright Dome prepares for Halloween season

Fright Dome at Circus Circus is preparing for its 14th season and looking to fill 400 seasonal positions. 8 News NOW visits with the people behind the scary attraction... Read More

New information in Las Vegas cold case

New information is being released about a Las Vegas Jane Doe case that dates back to 1979.

A body of a young woman believed to be between the ages of 16 to 21 was found in a vacant parking lot on the coroner of Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard on Aug. 14, 1979. No one could identify her and she was given the name Jane Sahara Doe.

Metro Police are still actively working on this case and say recent testing of the pollen grains on her clothing shows she may have been spent time in the Napa Valley or Central Valley areas of California before arriving in Las Vegas.

Police also received a lead that she may have been living in a trailer park community near E. Lake Mead Boulevard and possibly worked at a Holiday Inn or a motel on Las Vegas Boulevard. She may have also gone by the name of Shawna or Shauna... Read More

WATCH: #FarewellRiv -- Part 2: Historic Riviera Hotel and Casino's final implosion

The last tower of the iconic Riviera Hotel and Casino is expected to come tumbling down early Tuesday morning. The implosion of the Monte Carlo tower will take place at 2:30 a.m.


The historic Riviera Hotel and Casino is coming down to make room for the new convention center expansion which is owned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The 2,075-room property closed in May 2015 after 60 years hosting headliners from Liberace to Dean Martin.

Due to the dust, local businesses and residents in the area were told to either leave the area or stay indoors during and 30 minutes after the implosion.

This is similar to what occurred during the implosion of the taller Monaco tower in June.... Read More

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Final Riviera casino tower due for implosion on Las Vegas Strip

The last tower of the iconic Riviera Hotel and Casino is about to be reduced to rubble during an overnight implosion on the Las Vegas Strip.

The planned 2 a.m. Tuesday demolition of the Monte Carlo wing comes two months after the taller Monaco tower was leveled the same way.

Watch live coverage of the implosion on channel 8 and www.8NewsNOW.com.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority now owns the property, on which it plans a Las Vegas Convention Center expansion.

The 2,075-room property closed in May 2015 after 60 years hosting headliners from Liberace to Dean Martin.

It was a backdrop for movies including the Rat Pack original "Ocean's 11" in 1960; the James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever;" and "Casino" in 1995.

It's also a setting for scenes in the latest "Jason Bourne" film... Read More

Siegfried & Roy tiger cubs celebrate 1st birthday

The newest additions to Siegfried & Roy's animal family just celebrated their first birthday.

Tiger Cubs Hirah and Maharani celebrated their birthday Friday at Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

The girls were treated to juicy watermelons and a fun time playing with papier-mâche "1" piñatas. There was also a festive "happy birthday" banner displayed in honor of their birthday.

Guests of the Secret Garden enjoyed cookies decorated with a white tiger face. Those interested in seeing the entire party can view the Facebook live broadcast here.

Happy birthday Hirah and Maharani!... Read More

I-Team: Caesars celebrates the big '50'

The Las Vegas Strip ushered in a new era of opulence with the opening of Caesars Palace 50 years ago. It was the first themed mega-resort. Half a century later, Caesars is still an iconic property, and is the namesake for a vast casino empire.

Among those who remember opening day is a former casino executive and part-owner of Caesars who shared some memories and wild stories.

"I got to Caesars Palace and I don't ask nothing because I know what kind of guy he is and who he is representing," said Morrie Jaeger, former Caesars executive.

Veteran casino executive Morrie Jaeger didn't need an organizational chart to understand who called the shots on the Las Vegas Strip in the 50s and 60s. Jaeger had worked in the mob owned illegal casinos of Kentucky before moving in 1955 to deal cards at the new Riviera hotel, then later opened the Stardust hotel and became a pit boss, in part because he had a sharp eye and could spot cheaters, including employees... Read More